What are the most popular hobbies ?

All work and no play, they say makes Jack a dull boy. Americans are hardworking people, however, in their free time they can have fun. Spare time activities in the US depend on factors like age grade, social status, and education. These hobbies among Americans are done based on boredom, financial purposes, and sometimes both. Let’s look at the most important hobbies in America.

Watching movies and TV series

US is the home to many actions—packed movies and TV series. This cuts across all ages and social statuses. TV series that Americans love to watch are Power, 24, Prison break. These movies are available in cinemas or online for example on Netflix.


Readers are good leaders. As home to a free nation, most Americans love books. The type of books read depends on what American wants. Businessmen usually read, “Rich Dad poor Dad.” Others love reading books on temperament like Tim LaHaye, why you act the way you do. These books can be gotten at retail stores or e-stores.

Daily Exercise

There are many obese Americans and this has accounted for the rising case of diabetics and high blood pressure. Most Americans now take daily exercise as hobbies. They usually employ workout materials like dumbbells, pirate rings, and resistant bands.

There are also numerous videos on YouTube they follow. Paid services like ClassPass also help a lot. Using fitness apps is common in the US. Some like Moves and Nike training club come to mind.

Art and craft

Americans are very artistic people, and you could find the young and old trying to make several innovations. These hobbies can be learned from Dam Good Yam. Some Americans use websites like Brit to learn to paint in their leisure time.

Board games

Board games are one of the best hobbies you can find Americans indulging in regularly. There are regular challenges and competitions both offline and online where the best take on one another. Some prefer traditional games like monopoly and scrabble are common among the population. Many like drafts and chess games.

DIY projects

Other interesting hobbies Americans indulge in are those related to Pinterest projects. Many engage in making palette wine racks or making your room beautiful by painting it with elegant colors.

There are reputable stores like The Home Depot where you can buy materials necessary for these projects. However, for Americans using basic tools, they visit Gerber one where they buy screwdrivers, brushes, and pliers.


Although this activity is Asian-based, it has spread all over the US. Many western doctors recommend yoga for psychological and health reasons. Yoga keeps many elderly people fit and mentally stable.


If you are a regular visitor to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you will notice the plethora of Americans that bake homemade cookies, muffins, and bread. Almost every family in the US takes baking as a hobby.

Most of them use baking materials like a baking sheet, loaf pan, and rolling pin. There are more bakers in Washington than in Canada.


This is a popular Hobby among elderly Americans who love tending to their yard gardens when they are free. Some use a plant delivery service called The sills which provides all types of plants that can beautify their homes.

There are many hobbies popular among American citizens, it depends on their preferences.