How to make a scrapbook ?

Making a scrapbook has become a household business and grown immensely. A scrapbook can be said to be the preservation of memories by arranging pictures and embellishing an impressive layout.

This will be fixed into an album for the enjoyment of family members. Have you ever thought about making a scrapbook? Be it for business or personal reasons, here are some specific tips that will definitely help.

Basic accessories to design a scrapbook

You will need some materials before you start making a scrapbook.

  • Textured or acid-free paper

This is generally used as a background accessory or pictures mat.

  • Scissors

These artistic scissors are necessary to crop your pictures and trim your papers to an appropriate size.

  • Adhesives

These are generally free of acid. They could be liquid glue or glue tapes. Anyway, they are necessary to stick your pictures together.

  • Biro/Pen

Pens are accessory utilized on a scrapbook layout. They could be in waterproof, ink, and fadeproof.

  • Album

An album houses your entire craft on the layouts. When you are done with the scrapbook, you will insert them smoothly into the album for security and show-off Design embellishments.

Many designs can be used as embellishments for your scrapbook. Some of these embellished accessories include beads, frames, and ribbons. They are more like icing on the cake.

Tips to make a scrapbook

After getting the above-mentioned materials here are the useful instructions to make a scrapbook.

Brainstorming on a unique theme

Think about a unique theme for your scrapbook. This will assist you in have an excellent idea of what you want. Good themes include your birthday, your trip to Alaska, etc.

Which story would you love to tell?

You may want to decide the memories you want on your album. A good example is your wedding; you might want to consider telling stories about yourself from the dressing room to the church and finally the reception.

Selecting your photo

Choose the specific photos you want to put into your album. Pick photos that will tell more about your story.

Putting page elements

It is a wonderful idea to put an appropriate design to make your album page elements have a beautiful look. Use your creativity to produce a simple but meaningful scrapbook.

Cropping your photos

This is not always necessary, however, when you need to mat your cropping, use a pencil to mark the photos and crop them out to your chosen size.


Matting allows pictures stand out among the crowd and attract more eyes. Making card stock and fabric will be a good choice to mat your photo.

Have a page title

This page title showcase and backs your theme and scrapbook topic. You could put swirls and other materials to make your title have an appealing topper. Also, stamped and sticker letters can also be used as a page title. If you are good with computer graphics, getting a generated title is another good idea.

Adding decorative embellishments

These designs can let your page have an appealing look. You could add descriptions of different colors and then dimensions to show its uniqueness. You may also glue or sew your embellishments into your layouts.

Guarding and casing the layouts

When the cropping and decorations and completed, you can now insert them into the scrapbook album to safeguard it from theft and dust.

When one follows these tips judiciously, making a scrapbook will be easy.