How to make origami ?

The act of folding and using paper to make arts is not new to western civilizations, however, Origami offers something unique above other artworks.

Indeed, Origami is an Asian way of folding paper to create distinct innovations. The objective of this art is to create sculpture works through folding. If you are interested in knowing how this art can be created, this guide will show you how to make origami in easy steps.

Materials needed to make Origami

Likes most paper crafts, Origami requires some essential materials before one can start this process.

  • Origami papers

Getting a good origami paper is important before starting the process. This paper is lighter than normal paper and can be easily molded. You could also get papers like Washi, gampi, Kozo, and Abaca.

The Washi is a thick Asian paper which many experts prefer to use during Origami craft making.

  • Bone folder

A bone folder is an origami material used for folding and creasing crafts materials.

  • Paper clip

This is an important device used to hold papers together and generally made of tough wires which are difficult to bend. The majority of the origami paper clips are affordable to get online or in local stores.

  • Tweezers

These are little materials usually used for objects which the fingers cannot take easily. They are handy and sharp like pliers or pincers. Using them to grab or hold materials during origami making is a good idea.

  • Metallic pencils, rulers, and color markers

Getting good sharp pencils to draw on your paper is important. You should also keep close, a long ruler, and some color markers for designs.

Three popular kinds of Origami fold

There are different techniques of making origami, however, we have three popular folds.

Valley fold

This is a basic skill in making origami. To create this, fold a paper part towards your direction and crease along the dotted line. You can also proceed with a valley fold if you want to complete the process.

Mountain fold

This is just a reverse position of a valley fold. To proceed with this technique, fold the paper away from your direction and crease the line. You can complete this by raising it in the air and folding it.

Squash fold

After you have succeeded in the first two techniques, squash fold. This is a clean method of squashing a paper into a position.

Steps in making an Origami

While making origami art is easy, you need background information.

Study Origami diagrams

Before you can start making origami crafts, learn how to read the symbols which describe how your paper can be folded. Educating yourself with Origami diagrams makes your work easier.

Have a plethora of paper

This is particularly important especially if you are a beginner. There will be mistakes, and you will need to dispose of the cards and start creating new ones.

Choose easy crafts

Origami is wide, so kindly start with easy models. There are easy ones like stars, cards, and baskets you can start with before you progress towards other more difficult models. Pick easily recognizable models like flowers, boats, and kites.

Use a peaceful space

Origami is an art, therefore, you don’t need any noise. Always use a silent and cool environment where you can concentrate fully. The key in making origami crafts is patience and practice. Practice makes perfection.